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AgriGuild is an NGO which is created to make easier communication and extension in agriculture, the reason organization was created is very simple but also very important, in process of agricultural modernization and reforms all researches and interviews of business, farmers, agromedia and Government shoved two big problems in the process: lack of communication and extension.

AgriGuild creates a platform where all interested parts are able to communicate and discuss problematic issues in different spheres.

 Agriguild is also creating common space for sharing information and knowledge for improving extension processes in Georgia. Main goal of Agriguild is to create role model in Georgia and replicate best practice in Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

AgriGuild is united around several principles, which is signed by all members and partners of guild, these document is also very important in field of media, document is called the declaration of AgriGuild

აგროგილდიის განცხადებები


აგრო სიახლეები – 26 (სეზონი 12)

აგრო სიახლეები – 26 (სეზონი 12)

სახელმწიფო ბიოწარმოების ხელშეწყობის პროგრამას იწყებს. ბიოწარმოების მსურველ მეწარმეებს ფინანსურ მხარდაჭერას სოფლის განვითარების სააგენტო განახორციელებს. პირველადი ბიუჯეტი 300 ათასი ლარია. რა...

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